Gold Leaf Gilding for the British Museum in London

Photo: Benedict Johnson

The two large gilded walls provide a beautiful backdrop to the visit by Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

“I was extremely pleased with the service provided by Kensington Gilders. They worked very hard on a tricky site, under less than ideal conditions, but have left us with a superb end product. Their good humour and perseverance was extremely well received, and the dedication to their craft is evident in the high quality work that they produced.”

Jonathan Lubikowski – Project Manager – British Museum

As part of an extensive refurbishment programme to renovate the China and South Asia room at the British Museum, we were contracted to provide gold leaf gilding to all of the wall areas that provide a backdrop to this amazing exhibition of antiquities.

This was a complex project which spanned many months. It was managed by Forcia who were able to successfully coordinate this project and it was delivered on time for the grand opening by Queen Elizabeth II.

This project was particularly difficult because we were given the task of matching new gold to old which is challenging in itself, however with the aid of some carefully selected glazes and varnishes we achieved the desired effect. We worked amongst many other trades that were creating dust, an unsuitable condition for gilding. Perseverance and a will to succeed was the key to a great result, appreciated by all concerned.

Gold Leaf used was from Gold Leaf Supplies