Gold Leaf Gilding in Westminster London

The original design of this central London apartment was elegant with charcoal surfaces and darker teak wood furnishings. The owner wanted to alter the mood in part and so we were tasked with gilding many of the doors with a bright gold leaf to create a golden light blazing with depth and colour.

This gilding project required a relatively straight forward gilding process, we prepared the surfaces with an eggshell prior to applying the size and once gilded and burnished we applied several coats of varnish to ensure the surfaces are protected and the golden glow is enhanced.

The main challenge of this gilding project was the grain in the wood. We were able to finish the project within the time and budget constraints and we are very pleased to know the results of our effort and dedication will be greatly enjoyed by the owners.

The resulting combination of the original dark sections now blended with the golden walls creates sophisticated warmth and introduces the desired feminine tone to a contemporary new build apartment in Westminster.

Gold Leaf used was from Gold Leaf Supplies